Silkyroom Store was created in London with the idea of helping and exposing parents to products that can not only stimulate your child’s imagination but that can also get them out of the house and get some well needed fresh air because as we all know nowadays children tend to spend unnatural amounts of time in front of the TV or Video Games. Being parents ourselves we understand how hard it is to not only find a worth while toy but also one your child will enjoy for a long time and will also help with their development. Starting from humble beginnings our aim has always been to stock the best in the industry using skill and technology to come up with a single product that your child will always turn to.


After our grand opening in 2015, not only do we hold stock in the USA but we have now secured warehouses across  the EU and UK after aquiring warehouses across various cities in Europe. We are an ever expanding business and we value and respect every single one of our customers by taking on board all the feedback we get so please feel free to leave a review of your experience with us and our product.


We are techies, gadget lovers, innovators and most importantly parents who are obsessed with affordable and better alternatives to what you see in the market today. From our CEO, Management, Ambassadors all the way to our customer service team we all share the hunger and love of what we do.