Children’s Digital Photo and Video Camera

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1,【Hold Kids’ Long-term Attention】 The toy camera has multiple functions: Kids can take 8 megapixel photos, 1080p HD videos and play games. 5 different filter effects, built-in photo frame effects making the most of their creativity.
2,【Perfect for Kids】 It’s compact for small hands, convenient to carry everywhere, including a durable strap for portability to hang the mini camera around their neck. Strong body for accidental drops. Easy to control and take pictures for kids.
3,【Child Friendly and Rugged】The eco-friendly soft silicone non-toxic material, protective shockproof Shell, durable and safe for kids, provides them a comfortable way to take photos or record videos.
4,【Comes with a 32GB Memory Card】This camera comes with a 32GB memory card so you can  store large amounts of pictures and recordings and a built-in rechargeable lithium battery for long lasting usage.



The Product Comes With:
1*Charging Cable
1*Lanyard (strap)
1*Instruction Manual

99 reviews for Children’s Digital Photo and Video Camera

  1. Hanni Bun

    Great little camera for my 3 year old to play with. It’s sturdy (been dropped a few times) and easy to use. Lovely size for little hands

  2. Jessica

    My 3yr old almost 4 loves it!! It is definitely great for our almost 4yr old. It’s easy to use for his age it’s lightweight and he loves it!!!

  3. Chalyse

    Update: The company contacted me after seeing my review and sent a couple messages to try to resolve the issue. Troubleshooting, then the offer to just refund. While I was initially disappointed because of timing, I recognize that technology sometimes fails. A + for good customer service and knowing they’ll help resolve a poor situation.Super frustrated over this camera. My son LOVES the idea of it! It’s Christmas. Minimal use and it’s already almost dead and the camera is frozen I’m already planning to replace the thing since this one is clearly defective.

  4. Michelle

    The price was decent, and offered a few different amenities that I was looking at for a beginner camera. I thought it was a great option and it had about four or five games. Front and back camera, plenty of storage with an option of having a SIM card and I can take it to Walgreens or Rite Aid and print off any photos that I may want. We would recommend this camera!

  5. roddy

    Bought for grandson after he opened we told him it had to charge he laid in the floor watching it charge it was priceless he loves it

  6. Michael J.

    Highly recommended! Perfect for capturing all kinds of memories and had no problem with it using it on vacation.

  7. April Crow

    My daughter could not take her phone to summer camp but wanted a great easy option for pictures. She had a great experience using this camera.

  8. Pam Manning

    Loved the colour perfect for 6y old

  9. Ronnie PeñaRonnie Peña

    Bought for my Grandson’s 5th birthday, he loves it. Great pics. Worked out how to use it quicker than me and it’s strong and sturdy.

  10. Denise O.

    Not sure how I feel about the lanyard, but camera is as described

  11. A. D. Moore

    My granddaughter loves the camera

  12. Kristy Stone

    it’s smaller than i thought but it’s deal for a child, we were really impressed with everything it did so we are happy and can’t wait to give it to him for his birthday!!

  13. cathy

    He loved it, he is taking a lot of pictures!!!

  14. Judith A.

    Pleased with product

  15. Libby Forsyte

    got it for my 2 year old son and he loves it and it’s decent but it’s froze a few times and we have to wait for it to die so it restarts

  16. Jamie reyes

    Smaller then i thought perfect for little hands..

  17. Tracey

    She loved the camera but the lanyard broke after a few days.

  18. michaela

    so cute and good pictures

  19. R.S

    A lot of fun for kids

  20. Lucian

    Nice camera, would certainly recommend

  21. Rebecca Smiles

    Picture quality is amazing. It has a front and rear facing camera. Just hit the down arrow and it will switch! SD card went it perfectly and it even has a USB port you plug the SD card into to transfer photos to a PC. This camera is small but so are your children… hence children’s camera. I can’t believe people are even complaining about the size . I’m 22 and my adult hands took 100 photos ! I was having a blast with it. Can wait to give it to my boyfriends daughter! She’s gonna love it

  22. Amanda Wilfred

    This is not meant to be a professional quality camera… It takes decent photos but like with any camera the subjects need to be completely still to have decent pictures… It’s very durable so this in my eyes is perfect for kids

  23. Leonie Starr

    Wish the navigation was better but can’t complain as it’s great value for money

  24. Vanessa Burson

    This was the best gift at the birthday party! The boy did not want to open anymore gifts and only wanted to use the camera. I can’t recommend this enough for toddlers. It has everything a full size camera has and is easy to use.

  25. Chrisman

    Great little kids camera with fun games built in.

  26. Sam Tunnell

    Hopefully will distract my grandaughter from our phones

  27. ashley bengtson

    My toddlers love these cameras. Theyre sturdy and fun colored and take good pictures! He isnt great at aiming yet but he loves pointing it at feet and necks!

  28. YJ

    I purchased this for my toddler and she can easily use it. She loves to take pictures and take selfies. It also has the option for games and to change background pictures. It is great little toddler camera. I am not sure how the actual pictures look since I haven’t transferred any to my computer yet. Very happy with this little camera!

  29. Dave

    Easy for child to use and durable.

  30. Linds

    For the price and for what is being offered, this camera is perfect! The sound quality is not great for videos, but I wasn’t too worried about using the sound anyways. I love how small and portable it is and how easy it is to charge.

  31. MA

    As described

  32. Liang Sun

    I bought it for my grandson who like it very much!

  33. Deb

    I personally thought this was going to be too small but I wanted a camera for a 4 yr. old. Really for the money it is a great little camera. The games are a little too old for her but the size of camera is perfect. She told me she’s taken 200 pictures.

  34. Jeremy H

    The picture quality is ok it has different filters and frames for them one of my buttons stopped working so I had to fix it but other than that it is a good camera for kids I got it because of tik tok and the quality was just like the videos so I wasn’t mad about it, it dies pretty quickly as well.

  35. Carrie Kershaw

    This is a perfect little camera for a child. Mine is 5 and he loves it. It takes great pictures.

  36. Marian Mensie

    My granddaughters favorite color blue and very easy to use

  37. Stacey Tuttle

    My little one loved this. They use it a lot. It’s simple to use. Easy to search through the pictures and videos.

  38. Martha Moore

    My son loved it so much

  39. 711/2

    this was a gift for a 7year old boy, very nice product

  40. JessicaJessica

    Cute compact size. My daughter loves bringing her own camera wherever we go. She likes capturing random photos of us at home and in the yard, tried to photograph the moon and flowers, but loves playing the games included on the device. Battery life seems to be pretty good too! We’ve had it nearly a week and have only charged it once. I can’t speak to the quality of the picture since we don’t intend to print them out. It’s just for fun to review it on the little screen. There are cute borders and frames for the pics as well. The downside is that you do need to acquire a mini sd card before you can use it as there is no built in memory, but other than that, for the price, you can’t beat the features!

  41. Don E. Jones

    I bought this because my son always takes a lots photos with my phone so I think he should have a his own camera, this camera is cute and funny, also easy to use, he even figured out how to record a video with it. Great.

  42. Courtney Jurcak

    Great for kids! I bought it for my 3 year old

  43. shann

    Got this gift for a 6yo child who loves it so far. It was smaller than I expected, but perfect size for young kids’ size hands. It is pretty user friendly and came with a memory card, charging cord and way to download images from camera. We haven’t downloaded or printed pictures yet, so can’t speak to picture quality yet.

  44. Mel l

    Ideal for kids

  45. Angela

    I bought this for my great niece, aged 3. She absolutely loves it, it’s great quality and good value for money.

  46. Linda Anderson

    I bought this camera for my 5year old son. this lovely camera is very multifunctionals, taking photo, video, recording, even games. Just what we want!

  47. lsabelle

    Our two year old has figured out what our DSLR camera is. We purchased this for her so she could have her own camera, and she LOVES IT. Out of 300 or so shots she has taken so far maybe 10 were usable, but she is learning to take her own pictures.Controls are easy, and charging is rapid. The battery does not last super long, needs charged every other day or so. Our camera included a memory card that she has never come close to filling.I would recommend this for any kid who wants a camera. She has dropped it, gotten it wet, and thrown it around, and it still keeps going.

  48. Orville Ian

    It was a birthday present for my 5-year-old nephew and he’s so happy. It’s small and compact that convenient to carry around as well. It could worn on neck with the long lanyard, perfect to goof around and take videos and not worry about damaging the camera. It is very easy to use, so he can take pictures by himself without our help. The picture quality is okay and easy to handle.

  49. Emily

    My granddaughter is 3 years old and she was able to start taking pictures after 2 minutes of instruction from her dad. She loves the color pink so this camera was perfect. Within the first day she had taken pictures of everybody and nearly everything in the house. Her parents take lots of pictures as well so now she has become another family photographer. 

  50. Jessica


  51. James Tonra 

    Sturdy easy to use games video and still pictures. Kids loved it

  52. Betty

    My 4 year old used it right after being shown how to use it. She was taking pictures of everyone.

  53. Laura

    My 6 year old loves this camera. He’s not too careful with it and it has survived! he adores it.

  54. John E. Rice

    It was cute and it did everything it said it did. The pictures looked great through the screen. It was a gift so I have not seen the actual pictures taken, but my niece loved it and kept taking pictures at her party.

  55. donna perez

    Just opened it this am. Granddaughter seems to like it

  56. Michelle

    My son loves to take pictures and is always stealing our phones or his sister’s expensive camera to take them so we decided to purchase this one for him for his birthday and he screamed with excitement when he opened it! He loves the picture ability and the few games he can play on it as well!

  57. Jsa

    I bought it for someone else, so it is still in the box!

  58. Jsa

    I bought it for someone else, so it is still in the box!

  59. Leopoldo I

    This is a priceless gift for any youth! I’m a ‘gran-gram’ and sent this camera to my granddaughter for her 4th birthday. Her dad reported that she immediately began using it…went all over the house, took pictures of her toys, the cat, the backyard, you name it.Easy to use, and super light, durable, he took it wherever the family went: birthday parties & grocery stores, park, beach…Family said he’d shot over 2000 photos within the first month. Inspire a kid…I love it! 

  60. M_G

    It’s a small child’s camera but honestly it’s so fun to use as an adult and allows you to capture daily fun life things and go back to see them later. 10/10

  61. smaldon

    I got this camera for my 3 year old that loves taking pictures. It was much smaller than I expected, but it perfect for a small child. I was pleasantly surprised by how well it works. It takes pretty good pictures and is easy to use. My daughter loves that she can take selfies too. Overall definitely worth the money considering she uses it everyday!

  62. Nissim Abaev

    Easy to use and simple to switch between the options available. It’s light weight, well made, and the design is cute. It’s very interesting to observe how they document their own journey. Of course lots of selfies, but you can get some surprise of how they decide to register their discoveries.A must have for trips. A bit more of the pictures quality in my pics.

  63. Jenn Roberts

    I bought this for my three year old for Christmas! It was one of her favorite gifts she got. It is a bit small, but that doesn’t matter! It comes with a necklace that it clips to so she can wear it and not lose it. It actually takes pictures and is easy to navigate for a 3 year old. Would definitely recommend for the price!

  64. bijan shoaibi

    My little one loved it.She had so much fun.

  65. Asim

    Got this for my nephew for his 7th birthday and he is ver happy. The screen is quite sharp and the camera takes decent pictures for the price. I think it’s a good first camera for any kids starting into photography.

  66. Laiden Mom

    Bought this for Christmas for my nephew. He loves ittttttt! Once he learned how to all the functional buttons work. He have to have it around his neck. It’s a small camera but fully functional. Photo is of quality for a child.

  67. Gail K.

    I bought this as a birthday gift for my 6 year old niece. It’s a perfect gift for this age little girl who does not have a phone yet.It’s very cute and small, definitely is easy for her to carry with her to parks or trips.Picture quality is great, games are fun and the filters are extra special!!My two daughters (2.5 and 5 years old) were upset that I didn’t buy one for them, so I guess, I will be ordering another one for us.

  68. Jeremy Flickinger

    My kids love the camera!It’s easy for them to use plus it has some built in games which they love also.I recommend this camera for littles my 3yo even knows how to use it.

  69. Roneeka Herbert

    Very good…picture quality is pretty good

  70. Glory

    He is always taking up memory on my phone taking photos and this camera does great at letting them explore the filters and surroundings. Quality of photos is pretty good for a kids camera, He also likes that he can press a button and the camera flips to selfie mode. We haven’t uploaded to usb yet so lots of memory and charges rather quickly.

  71. emily emily

    i originally found this from a tiktok and i was so impressed i bought it right away. i love this camera it is so cute and easy to use, i bring it with me when i go on trips or have special moments i want to document and it reminds me of something from the 90’s/2000’s. it is a lot more convenient and affordable than trying to get that effect on filters or buying a vintage camera. especially for the price it is perfect if you’re looking for the homemade video effect.

  72. bjunk65

    Bought this for my 4 year old grandson at Christmas and he was taking pictures of everything in the house. Very easy for him to use. Picture quality was great, at least what he let me see. The camera was little so he could fit it in his hands too.

  73. Aaron Siganoff

    My daughter loved this, and there are a few other little tools you can use like picture borders, and you can offload images to a computer with the cable.

  74. Julie faurote

    I bought this for my 4 year old who loves taking pictures!It was exactly what I was looking for. Obviously it isn’t going to be compared to a professional camera in the picture quality but it was perfect for what I wanted it for! Great toy camera for anyone looking for the best price and quality.

  75. Babak Bagheri

    I bought this kids camera to give as a Christmas gift to my 4 year old daughter because she loves to take pictures with my cell phone, but now she will have her own camera. Very light camera, the picture quality is good and the battery keeps its charge for a long time. It came with a sd card and lanyard is great. My child easily using it and didn’t have any problems so far since she can keep her busy for a while.

  76. menekse

    My 3 year old and her friend liked it very much . I purchased this twice since my daughter’s friend also liked the cute gadgets in it. Great gift for kids who enjoy taking fun photos 

  77. Sandra Johnson

    I bought this camera as a gift for a good friend’s daughter who turned 5. It’s such a great gift that allows for creativity. When she opened the camera she was so excited about it. I can’t wait to see what to captures.

  78. Hayley

    Great little carma bought for my 4yr old he love it snapp happy 😃

  79. Jessica

    This camera is awesome! It’s perfect for my 2 year old to practice taking pictures with and she LOVES it. The memory card holds tons of pictures which is great for all she takes!

  80. Michelle Harmon

    Absolutely love this! My son carries this everywhere and loves to take pictures! I didn’t realize that it has a front facing camera too, which is great because kids are going to want to take selfies.It’s actually where the viewfinder would be on a film camera, which I thought was clever. It also does lots of other stuff-it can add cute frames and funny mirror effects, even has games on it.The little kids camera takes decent photos and videos. Great gift!

  81. Christina

    My 5 year old nephews LOVED their cameras! Good quality and the customer service is super responsive if you have any issues. Definitely recommend.

  82. Jennifer Chacon

    My daughter loved it!

  83. Amanda Loftsbury

    My 3 year old granddaughter thinks this camera is so fun. She is an observant little girl and knows how to make mama’s cell phone take pictures so she loves having her own camera. Some of her pictures are of the cutest things. Oh, and she loves the fact that it is also pink, her favorite color.

  84. Jon White

    My 2-year-old has had this camera for a few months and it’s already survived a few falls and been thrown a few times. It’s simple enough for her to use, the only downside is that it isn’t just a camera. For some reason, it has games on it. So the kids are always fighting over it for the games instead of just using it as a camera as my older kid does with hers.

  85. Kristina

    The camera was easy for my 3 year old to use

  86. Porter Ian

    My daughter was so happy with this purchase! And so was I! This is a great value! I wanted a functional, inexpensive camera for my little girl and this camera has everything I wanted and more. It has a LOT of really great features that she love it too much to put it down. Picture quality is what you should expect for this price range and for the young kids. She just likes taking pics and doesn’t care about the outcome of the picture, but she likes to wear kittens and puppies “face” most. I exported the photos to my computer yesterday and found she has snapped thousands of pics. The 32GB memory card that comes with the camera is great, and I think it’s also enough for your kids. The lanyard can hang on their neck and can be disconnected or put back with just a click. This is perfect for young kids who just want to take pictures.

  87. Jamie

    Bought this for my six-year-old daughter. She can’t put it down, been over 7 months since purchase and she still uses it most days. 

  88. Stephanie Darcangelo

    My husband and I bought this camera for our daughter when our 2nd baby was born. She loved being able to take pictures of the new baby. The picture quality was decent and it was worth the price for a child’s camera.

  89. Laura Nguyen

    I looove this kid’s camera! I’m definitely not the intended audience but it is so cute. The pictures and videos all have the time stamp in the left hand corner and it reminds me of at-home videos when I was growing up. I’ve also dropped this camera several times and it still holds up (probably because it’s intended for children haha). Highly would recommend – you do have to convert the videos to mp4 to use on iPhones as a FYI.

  90. tommiah walker

    I bought this for a friend’s son for his birthday. We decided to charge it in advanced so he can play with the camera when he opens it. My husband checked it out and was so amazed and fascinated with this kid camera!!!It’s a great kids digital camera, small for tiny hands, comes with a lanyard, there’s a selfie option, different border frames, and even games! So I hope the kid likes it, my husband surely does and might steal it from him.

  91. angela xhakolli

    We purchased one of these for my then 4-yr-old son and he loves it. Another friend of his really liked it so we purchased her one as a gift. Very durable. Some of the functions are confusing but kids are quick to figure out the basics.

  92. Ashlyn

    We got this camera for my 4.5 year old and she LOVES it. The quality is surprising (in a good way), and we are super happy we bought this one for her!

  93. Finn

    Bought this for my daughter and she is having so much fun using it with her friends. Great price point and the photo quality is decent. A fun find!

  94. Mick Q.Mick Q.

    Very suitable for small children. My daughter takes it everywhere and takes pictures of everything and everyone she finds beautiful. It’s such a joy to look through photos to get a glimpse of the world through her eyes.The features looks really good on them. Having a 12MP camera is great to shoot quality shoots and to get children use to technology without having to monitor them.Add the lanyard and plenty of accessories. A 32GB sd card is included.The kids digital camera really lives up to my expectations. Anyone thinking of fostering a life-long photography interest in your daughter or son should consider this cute, easy-to-use, fun-to-learn, educational toy. Guess what! Yes, the camera comes everything you need at a great price.Perfect toy gift for toddlers and young child!

  95. Kimberly Kenny

    I bought this toy for my 3 year old girl. The design exactly like she loves small and girlish pink. It’s nice to hold and soft to touch. The picture quality is fantastic. There are cute frames and filters for the little girls to play with. An easy and quick switch between photo and video mode.I was expecting a basic child’s toy and I have been very pleasantly surprised with the quality and functionality of this kids camera!

  96. Amanda Shorter

    I purchased this for my 3 year old as a birthday present due to her trying to use her older sisters camera often. She still has trouble understanding the menu options but I don’t mind helping her. She has figured out the picture taking part just fine and she’s happy. Its lightweight but durable as she’s dropped it quite a bit already. It holds a long charge and charges quickly. All in all a great little camera.

  97. Courtney Turner

    Perfect gift for my 3yr old niece. She loved it (over 300 photos in one day). Photo quality is nice.

  98. Laura

    My 6 year old loves this camera. He’s not too careful with it and it has survived! he adores it.

  99. Osvaldo Alejandro

    The battery life is really good and it is really easy to use.

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